Friday, December 19, 2008

Running Paints

I find great comfort in returning to graphite! It is a painstaking medium with fewer financial returns for the efforts put into each piece, and that's why I have shied from it that the last while. I suppose I could become looser, but I really enjoy building up the layers of tone, making the piece look photographic in appearance. Note I said photographic in *appearance* from a distance, but upon closer inspection, one can detect my mark making. Scribbles, dashes, strokes, cross hatching and the scumblings of a blending stub all make up the guts of one of my drawings.

This particular piece, like many others around here, makes it appearance onto the drawing table sporatically. Though I love the medium, it is really hard on my physical well being to draw for endless hours. Pain and numbness in my neck and fingers are the order of the day if I push it. In an effort to alleviate these problems I have tried drawing on an easel with lukewarm enthusiasm. Frustation sets in when I can't get the marks I want when working in this position.

So, I bit the bullet, and said "F... it", I'm going back to the way it works for me! I make concerted efforts to listen to my body though, and with the voice of my massage therapist's harsh words ringing in my ears, I pace myself now. The concern for the monetary returns are gone...I just LOVE working in the medium! I am running with the enthusiasm built on the high of winning First Place in the Ex Arte Equinus drawing category. Runnin' like the Paints in the piece!

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Anonymous said...

your work is exquisite. No wonder you've achieved so many awards and other recognition. Andrea Pratt shared your website url with me and I found my way to your blog. Great work!