Monday, July 7, 2008

Finished the Peach panel!!

I am officially finished Peach now!!

I glazed some Burnt Sienna over her forelock and ears, and some in her eye and eyelashes to tone them down some. I also reworked the forelock some more, once it was dry. I straightened the line of the neck more, as it had gotten a bit wobbly. I also glazed in some Burnt Sienna and Alizarin Crimson into her snip, between her nostrils to warm it up and make it more flesh like. I also worked some more highlights into her blaze with a very light mixture of Naples Yellow, Burnt Sienna and Titanium White. Then I signed it! Wooohooo!

This is truly a tribute to a very very special pony who's awesome personality and character will never be forgotten.

I have posted the finished panel to my website under the "painting" category.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fifth session on Peach Panel

Oh MY GOSH...I think I am nearly finished with this piece!

...I need to be done. I need to work on the pieces that bring in the $$ now. I know when I am getting close to finishing because I start to *hate* it, and think it looks like a cartoon...weird, eh? Am I the only one who gets *weird* with their feelings on their artwork once it nears completion? The paint starts to get sticky, the brushes are all dirty, and I wanna be done. Looking at it, I want to get rid of the split forelock, reminds me of the kid from the "Little Rascals" and now I can't get rid of that impression...ARGH! I WANT TO WIPE THAT PART OFF NOW! Having said that, I need a bit of a break from it before I resort to such drastic measures. Think I'll go see my horse, Champagne to soak on it for a couple of hours before I start wielding that Shop Towel. I want to glaze some colour into the white between the nostrils once it is dry, and some burnt sienna glazed into the ear on the right to tie it into the original design.Oh how I hate being the near the end of a painting!

"Paintings are never finished...just ABANDONED!!"

Fourth session of painting Peach

In this installment I worked on the panel for about 3-4 hours, working on the muzzle mostly and trimming down the right side of her face. It had gotten a bit on the thick side, so I cut back into the face with the background colour. I also painted the pink on her nose, but ended up disliking it and wiped it all off. I struggled with the blaze, trying to keep the values close to the panel, by keeping the top part of it darker than down near the nostrils. Having waited for the eye to dry, I darkened the eye white to make it more orb-like, and darkened her scelera, which I had too light to start with. Surprisingly most of the paint had dried from my working on it the day before! The panel really sucks the oil out of the paint, helping it dry faster.

So I still need to paint in the ears, which will be light to correspond with the values on the panel, and work the forelock around the ears. I was wanting to let the mane dry some more before doing the forelock...we all know how long white can take to dry, and if it isn't totally dry, its like painting on glue or boogers.... The neck still needs to be trimmed down too to match the original design of the panel.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Third session on the Peach panel

This is after the third painting session on the Peach Panel. I musta spent about 4-5 hours on it, wiping off some of the problem areas as I went. Luckily its easy to do with oils on a panel! I struggled alot at first, trying to find my painting groove. Hoping to be mostly done in one more session, or two, I needed to work on the ears, some detail on the face and right eye, the muzzle and some more work on the neck to adjust the values and shape. The forelock also needed to be addressed to match the mane. I also had to double check the background with the digital photos I took to make sure they are close in direction, colour and values. Peach was a very light palomino, but due to the nature of the panel, I have had to make the adjustment of painting her darker. Pretty happy with it so far.