Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Third session on the Peach panel

This is after the third painting session on the Peach Panel. I musta spent about 4-5 hours on it, wiping off some of the problem areas as I went. Luckily its easy to do with oils on a panel! I struggled alot at first, trying to find my painting groove. Hoping to be mostly done in one more session, or two, I needed to work on the ears, some detail on the face and right eye, the muzzle and some more work on the neck to adjust the values and shape. The forelock also needed to be addressed to match the mane. I also had to double check the background with the digital photos I took to make sure they are close in direction, colour and values. Peach was a very light palomino, but due to the nature of the panel, I have had to make the adjustment of painting her darker. Pretty happy with it so far.

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