Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not Done Enough

So many hours into this one! And I'm still not done. My neck and back are *done*...stiff and sore. My massage therapist Sarah is going to kill me! My enthusiasm for working on it is *done* for today. I have been working hard to get this one finished in time for the Calgary Stampede art show deadline tomorrow. I am so tired I am incapable of making anymore marks on it or consider any changes. I'm going to have to block in the grass tomorrow and do a few required touchups to adjust some of the values. I won't have time to actually *finish* the piece, but I will get the grass looking done, then I'll photograph it for my submission for the jury process for the show. This piece is probably more *done* than most artists would have done. Once it is photographed, I'm putting it away for awhile before officially deeming it done.