Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ex Arte Equinus ll

Received news yesterday that my drawing "Good Girl" was awarded FIRST PLACE in the Drawing Category, in the Horse Art Magazine's Ex Arte Equinus ll art competition!

Judge Sheona Hamilton-Grant (no relation) of Belgium, chose this graphite drawing for First Place over the many fantastic drawing entries. Sheona's graphite work is exquisite, and I greatly admire her graphite artwork as well as her opinion. Not only can this talented woman draw with ease, she has great skill with expressing her thoughts on paper. I on the other hand, as least at this moment, am at a loss for words. So I am going to share her thoughts and comments on Good Girl.

"The chosen subjects together with the composition create a moment of mutual trust and understanding. The impeccable graphite work and honest use of light convey a mood of realism that not only draws the viewers in but gets them to entirely believe in what they see.A beautiful piece of narrative art, rendered with intense love, detailed knowledge and strong conviction.The artist has quite simply been able to take us beyond what we see into what we feel."

Thank you Sheona!

Thank you Juliet and Lyne for all the hard work putting together this incredible opportunity for equine artists from around the globe!


andrea said...

Great negative space and abstract compositional qualities to this one. I see why it won!

Michelle Grant said...

Thanks Andrea! Loved your blog on your journey as a photographer!

Anonymous said...

very well deserved, Excellent artistry.