Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grass, grass and more grass!

Painting grass, grass and more grass...working on the tangled *mess* of grass on the right today. One would think this mundane task to be an easy one. Not! It is a constant stream of decisions, working out which blade overlaps the other, and which is darker or lighter. Not happy with how some of the blades turned out, I quickly washed them off with a small sponge before they could dry and set up. Funny how a simple thing like a blade of grass can be screwed up!

I can see where I want to place more blades, and where to fix some of the others, but I am too tired and my neck hurts too much to fix them now. I learned a long time ago that too many mistakes are made when I'm tired, and its just not worth it to continue. Best to call it a night.

I decided to use my new Nikon D80 to shoot this photo of the Work In Progress. I am so impressed to see how much of a difference there is in image quality from my little old crap digital camera to this higher end one....*duh*! Why didn't I use it before?! Double Duh!


Semenkosarmy said...

Holy crap Michelle, this looks great. The new camera really helps to see things alot better. To me it looks better than the photograph, as it looks so real. I enlarged it, centered his face, and its amazing to see all that little detail look so perfect. Its really great to be able to see the different steps you go through, and the way you explain it all on this blog. Looking fantastic Michelle, and I can't wait too see it finished now.

andrea said...

Speaking of that magic camera I featured it over on my blog!