Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All Dun...er I mean All Done.

So happy to have finished this piece in a week and at how well it turned out. Especially pleased with how well the mane turned out, and of course that FACE! I wanted to capture that relaxed but abit on the tense side expression. This horse was in a pen at the Stampede Rodeo, and he and his pen mate were resting in the afternoon sun, both very aware of their surroundings. Not too worried, yet...but the tension is apparent in the tightness of the lips and nostril. It may not be visible on the monitor, but the eye is actually looking at the viewer.

Once the face was dry I dry brushed in a bluish violet, very light in tone into the face to pull out the highlights. Try as I might, struggle that I do with working wet into wet, I still resort to my *drawing* techniques with my paintings. I really need to forget trying to paint like someone else, and just work with what's best for me. I think this topic can be a blog all on its own...Hmmmm?

I am going to call this one "Almost Dun", because it is a portrait of a Buckskin, not to be mistaken for a Dun, which sports a dorsal stripe down the spine. So this horse is Almost a Dun. Time for some varnish, and a frame. Woohoo!

Anyhow, I can now shout those two favourite little words and do a little celebration..."I'M DONE!"


Becky Turner said...

I love your painting! and I love your work...I like how you paint.. you have a really nice realistic style.. It makes me want to go back to painting! Im so busy with sculptures I don't get time to paint much if at all anymore..I do have a few paintings in progress but I just never find time to work on them.. but looking at your work inspires me..so maybe I'll have to try and find a little time in there.. keep up the good work.. I'll be reading and watching for your next piece.
Rebecca Turner

Michelle Grant said...

Thank you SO much! I try really hard to make the horses in my paintings come alive...always great to hear positive feedback from other talented fellow artists!
Pick up your brushes, set aset some time, and like the Nike commercial says, just DO IT!

Sam Pearce said...

I love this one. Love your work, just discovered you through facebook. I am only just getting back into my painting after a long break. I'm self taught and follow my own rules, I don't know the 'right and wrong' ways :) I am attempting my first proper oil now, and it is a huge learning curve! I'm inspired by your work! so happy to found your blog, thank you for sharing! Sam Pearce