Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Double Header

The Wolfe Cabin is done and I'm doin' the happy dance! One more commission out of the way. One step closer to autonomy and freedom to paint what I want. Now to let it dry, varnish it, photograph it, frame it and its a done deal. Contact the client, and its off to a new home.

Momentum rolling, I also delivered a different painting to another client who had paid me an advance in 2007 for a painting. More specifically, *the painting* I wanted to keep for myself. I had total freedom, no requirements, no expectations, no deadline. In the beginning I struggled with this idea of no restrictions. Then one day as I was laying on my couch looking up at a painting I had been reluctant to sell, it became clear that it was the *one* that he must have. It fit all the criteria. It was the right size, right price range, and it was one I wanted for myself.

I delivered it last night, filled with some trepidation. What if he didn't like it? What if it wasn't what he expected? I was secretly hoping he didn't want it, then I could keep it above my couch for me to selfishly admire. He loved it! We celebrated the hanging of "Mutual Support" with a few drinks, and much talk about the creative spirit that musicians and visual artists share. It felt good to let go of this one.

Upon leaving I was feeling a bit sad, and asked that he give my *favourite* a good home. He promised he would. Driving home, the sadness turned to a feeling of release, and joy. My favourite painting was hanging in a new home over a lovely fireplace, and it was then I felt great!! A double header on the art front! On to the next one to liberate me.


Semenkosarmy said...

That piece is amazing Miss Michelli. I'm certain that Steve will enjoy it over his fireplace for many, many years. It's almost unreal how you capture the reality of a photo, if that makes any sense. You are one of very few who are able to make a painting look better, than the image does in real life, or in a photographic state. It looks like your "re-focussing" has paid dividends, and you are back on track. Great job Michelle. I can't wait to see what your next piece will be, as they just get better every time, or at least something about every one of them just blows me away.

Michelle Grant said...

Awww thanks Semenkosarmy!! I do try to capture more than a photographic image. I strive to capture the very soul of the horse.

andrea said...

Phone me!