Friday, October 24, 2008

The Wolfe Cabin progresses

After the third session of working on the cabin, I was finding it time comsuming and frustrating to get the lines and vanishing points all worked out. The cabin was looking like it was going to blow down in a strong wind storm! Note to self! Never drink copious amounts of coffee and try to freehand straight lines, even with a maul stick! I felt like an alchoholic with a serious case of the DT's!

So out came the straight edge to help my shakiness, and the cabin was starting to become structurally sound again. The windows were wrong in size and shape and they had to corrected, but with oils I had to be patient, let it dry then tackle the corrections. I chose to paint this piece on masonite so I could get the tiny details, and smooth lines of the building. I was soon bored with all these details, so what next? Must push motivation was waning fast.

Trees seemed like a good option to get me interested again with all their randomness, so trees I painted. I had most fun painting the sky and the sky holes in the trees. Yellows, pinks, and blues all made their way into the sky, overlayed onto the underpainting. Res N Gel was the favoured medium of the day, making the colours juicy and semi transparent.

Then back to the details. The railings, motion sensor lights, window trim, stairs, and the metal chimney. Most important, the chimney HAS to be in the painting! This metal tube somehow holds sentiment for the motivation is waning further, daily life distractions keeping me from working on the piece. Now what? I decide to *dangle the carrot* in front of me. I tape the cheque for payment for the painting onto my easel!!

I discover I am not motivated by money.

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